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Legal Help for Professional Drivers

We can help ensure the best possible outcomes for driving infractions to protect your livelihood. 

Your job and your livelihood depend on your driving record. Your career is important and traffic violations can take their toll on your future. These violations can increase insurances costs, cause loss of income, and harm your current or future employment.

The rules and regulations relating to the trucking industry are often complex and confusing.  We have years of experience successfully fighting on behalf of drivers. We know the laws and can help you in with any legal issue involving your driving record, including log book violations and other incidents that occur on the highway and at truck scales and inspection stations.

If you are ticketed for a violation involving a commercial or non-commercial vehicle, it is important to contact the Law Offices of Bergstrom and Bruce as quickly as possible. Our team will work with you to fight the charges or, in the alternative, negotiate a plea agreement to reduced charges. Often we are able to get your charges dropped. Let us build your case and defend your rights.

The Law Offices of Eric Bergstrom and Erik Bruce can help you with:
  • CDL issues

  • Commercial vehicle registration and permitting violations

  • DUI charges

  • Hazmat transport violations

  • Lane use tickets

  • Log Book and Hours of Service violations

  • Mechanical violations

  • Overweight or oversize load issues

  • Speeding tickets

  • Tickets for tailgating or impeding traffic

  • Truck Route violations

  • and more

In most cases, we can represent you without you even needing to appear in court, and will work to minimize legal consequences of a traffic law violation, or even get your case dismissed.  We'll take care of it for you so you can continue putting bread on America's table.
Contact us right away to discuss your specific legal concern, to learn your rights and how we can help you.
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Yreka is located on the Interstate 5 corridor in northern Siskiyou County. I-5 is an important and vital truck route through northern California, and thousands of tractor-trailers and other trucks and buses pass through the county daily. The California Highway Patrol's Dunsmuir Grade Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility is the state's commercial Port of Entry. As a CHP weigh station and truck inspection facility, it's almost a sure bet that you as a trucker will cross the truck scales, and a reasonable chance that your truck will inspected at DGIF. Safety inspections include a check of your CDL, medical card, registration and log book as well as possibly other documents such as IFTA or fuel permits.

If you are cited for any commercial vehicle violation either at the scales or along I-5, Highway 97, or anywhere else where you may be stopped, call us immediately so that we may go to work for you.

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Serving Northern California and Southern Oregon with Offices in Yreka, California, Medford, Oregon and Santa Rosa, California

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