marijuana may be legal in some states, but it is still illegal per the federal government.  Eric Bergstrom can help you with legal issues regarding marijuana and other drug arrests.

Marijuana and Drug Law Representation

Have you been arrested on a charge relating to growing marijuana? Cal Eric Bergstrom immediately.Growing Marijuana in Siskiyou County

Medical marijuana has become one of the fastest growing industries in Siskiyou County.  Attorney Eric Bergstrom is the top grow defense attorney in Siskiyou County, having current knowledge on the ever changing laws concerning marijuana (the 215 Marijuana Cultivation laws).   Eric and his team can help growers, patients, caregivers, and dispensaries with their complex need for legal knowledge and representation.

Whether you were charged with illegal marijuana cultivation, or growing it for medicinal purposes which led to an arrest, Mr. Bergstrom and his team can help you navigate the strict yet murky California state laws. They will investigate your circumstances, consider and pursue all legal options available to your case.  Contact Eric Bergstrom and his law office to construct an effective defense. Call us today at 530-842-4951.


Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are a serious offense in the state of California, having a large impact on your personal life, finances, and employment.  Convictions can carry possible jail sentences, and produce a criminal record. Drug charges can be misdemeanors or felonies and there may be additional federal charges, depending upon the circumstances of your case.

Eric Bergstrom and his team have years of experience in strongly defending many clients charged with drug crimes in Siskiyou County. They will review your circumstances and determine if the case can be dismissed based upon the facts presented. If not, they can litigate on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome.

If you need a drug defense attorney in Yreka, CA, call us today at 530-842-4951. The earlier you call us, the faster we’ll be able to mitigate charges.



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